Monday, 2 June 2014

A Crown-Ring Fit For His Queen

A Game of Thrones inspired ring customized by JannPaul, with a 0.87ct Solasfera diamond.

This video shows the making of the ring.

Below are photos of the actual ring.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

JannPaul Diamonds Everything Brellia

The brellia has always been my favorite diamond all time. I still remember the day when i held the first prototype on my hands. To me, it was probably the same feeling people got when they first saw the first rocket launch into space!

Unlike any other cut, the brellia possesses everything anyone can ask for:

1. The X-factor
Cushion. Hearts and Arrows. Need I say more?

The sheer brightness of the brellia even surpasses most rounds. It was made to show have such high brightness to enhance the whiteness and hence emphasize on the arrows.. Afterall, it's a cushion hearts and arrows! Show it off people 

This the department where everyone loves the brellia. The pavilions(arrows) are designed fatter to create large bold flashes of fire that people love to see from that distance.

Since the brellia is designed at the 57 facet mark just like rounds, it retains that balanced scintillation. It isn't made to be a gimmick. It's made to be balanced, perfect!

Till this day, the Brellia never fails to bore me! Always cute, always fashionable, you'll fall in love with this baby once you see it! Remember to always check it out even if your heart is set on a round!