Thursday, 22 September 2016

Cushion Brellia VS Octagon Hearts & Arrow Diamond

Deciding between the Cushion Brellia and Octagon Hearts & Arrows diamond? This comparison video will be perfect for you!

The Cushion Brellia is the World's first Cushion Heart & Arrows diamond. It's the highest light perfoming Cushion diamond thanks to its strong light return under the Ideal & ASET scopes. It has 57 facets with 8 Hearts & Arrows, similar to the Super Ideal Cut, but in a cushion shape. It's a popular cut for those looking for a soft squarish shape diamond, which goes very well in any jewellry design.

For more information about the Cushion Brellia, click here.

The Octagon has an outstanding light performance. It has 88 facets with 8 Hearts & Arrows. These extra facets gives it a mesmerizing scintillation. It is designed to have intense light return and have an unparralled brilliance. Once makes this diamond even more unique is its Octagon shape, with 88 facets, 8 sides, 8 hearts and 8 arrows.

For more information about the Octagon Hearts & Arrows, click here.

- Written by Casey Lai

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Customized Halo Ring with Initials

In a proposal, the diamond ring is of a significant importance. In fact, this tradition of proposing originated from the Roman era, where the wife would wear rings with small keys attached to it, indicating their husband ownership. Each ring has its own story to tell, as it signifies the commitment of 2 individuals. It personifies a man's affection for his partner.

In modern times, this tradition still goes on with wide range of creativity on the ring design.
In this post, I shall touch on a particular ring created by my client which is special to him and close to his partner's heart.

After deciding on a halo setting with side diamonds, we added the initials ''S'' and ''N'' on the ring. This was done under the diamond on the sides, where both initials was designed and fused together. Also, a heart shape with a melee diamond in the middle was placed in the middle to signfity their eternal love for each other, making this ring one of a kind.

Below is the 3d render that we came up with,

After the 3D render, we proceeded to handcraft his ring, which took about 6-8 weeks. Each of our rings are individually handcrafted by our Master Crafter, showcasing the intricate designs.
Below are some photos of the crafted ring.


This is a photo of his ring after he successful proposal!

Photo credit to Nathaniel Yeo
- Written by Eugene Seah

Monday, 19 September 2016

Unboxing a Cushion Brellia on an Engraving Ring Design

This is a video of me unboxing a Cushion Brellia diamond on a custom ring design.

The Cushion Brellia is the World's first Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamond. Generally, fancy shape diamonds such as the cushion, princess, heart shape, pear shape, etc. do not have Hearts & Arrows patterns. As a result, their brilliance is often lacking due to the weak light performance. Unlike other fancy shape diamonds, the Cushion Brellia is a revolutionary cut which manages to retain the Hearts & Arrows, which gives it an extroardinary brilliance. We can confidently say, the  Brellia is the most Ideal square cut and the highest light perfoming Cushion diamond in the world!

So that's the diamond. So what about the setting? The ring is handcrafted with each engraving individually carved out by hand. On the side of the engravings, are milgrains (small round beads), adding a nice touch to the ring. The diamond is securely mounted on a 4 prongs setting. The prong head is designed like a "V" shape to bring out the beuty of the main stone.

Here are some photos of the ring,

Each of our rings are individually handcrafted. Our customized rings comes with realistic 3D renders, where we're able to render out your ring designs on a finger of your size. This gives you realistic and accurate impression of how your final ring would be.

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For more ring unboxing video, click here.

- Written by Casey Lai

Thursday, 15 September 2016

5 Ways to Start Customizing your Ring

Every lady is exceptionally diverse. We have different preferences and taste when it comes to style or design. A guy proposing ones in his lifetime, would definitely go out of his way to find the most unique yet suitable ring design for his queen.

Searching online for the most unique engagement ring design would most likely lead you to photos with over the top elobrate designs that is often ''extremely unique'', or rather ''too much''.

To give you some idea what I mean by ‘customization’, let me share with you my own top 5 most interesting ideas for customization.

1. Engravings with Milgrain

Cameo is a technique of carving object including gems, jewelries or even vessels that are made way back during 3rd Century BC in Greece. But in ancient times it is mainly used for signet rings.
It orignated from the word ‘Kame’o” a word used in kabbalistic slang to signify a magic square – it’s like a kind of talisman where magical spells were carved.

After sometime, Romans began personalizing rings, shifting from the “fede” which depics 2 hands clasping in agreement to marriage or love into carvings of the couples themselves with the faces or full bodies of each couple.

At present, this term is used loosely to objects even without symbolism.

Since diamond became the centre piece of rings, modern day carving designs are a lot simpler, and work towards the bands instead of signet rings.

Carvings are often accentuated with tiny beads that adorn its borders. These are called milgrain, which literally translates to a thousand of grains. This gives the ring a more vintage feel. 

2. Vines, Twigs and Twirls

It’s been now a trend to hear customers looking for design apart from what is norm. Of course, people want their ring to be totally different from the rest. This is when we suggest an out of the box intertwined bands. From the simple braids like this design.....

to the twig like settings that adds texture to your ring.

If your girlfriend prefers something more diverse, you might consider adding up some smaller diamonds on the sides, making it look like vines elegantly surrounding your main diamond. 

3. Disney Inspired Designs

This design looks normal from the top view, with some small detail on the band. But when you observe from the side, you’ll see that this is actually a Little Mermaid inspired ring created with 5 closed seashell shapes!

From the depths of the sea, let’s travel the land with Alladin’s Monkey inspired design. Holding a 30 pointer diamond is “Abu”, one of the popular characters in the Disney Film Alladin. Just be extra careful as he might steal your diamond ;)

Next in line would be the design based on Winnie the Pooh’s wise old Owl. Guarding the Super Ideal Cut diamond, are 2 owls with huge eyes studded with diamonds as well. For the final touch, the main diamond was surrounded by melee diamonds.

Last among our Disney inspired creations would come from the most popular Disney Princess. Yep, you guessed it right, none other than Cinderella’s pumpkin Carriage! But don’t you worry, this ring won’t turn back to scratch after midnight. Your fairy godmother will make sure everything’s perfect before your collection date.

4. Celtic Designs

The Celtic designs originated in 2000 BC to 550 AD. Even though time has advanced and the procedure of making Celtic rings has been developed, what remains prominent is the significance and meanings of the ancient Celtic symbols; the knot is formed from the intersecting lines of three arcs that connect at a pointed end. This knot represents the notion of Trinity (three parts united as one). The symmetrical lines symbolize the balance flow between the three parts. These are the harmonious connections between three related aspects of life, such as body, mind and spirit. In ancient Celtic goddess lore, this knot symbolized the maiden, mother, and wise old woman.

The symbolic representation of Celtic design makes it very interesting. Doesn't it?

5. Slot-In Rings

As a lady, we always wanted everything neat and matched up, and this is similar with our engagement ring and wedding bands. One of the considerations is whether it would be easy to stack or match your engagement ring with your wedding band.

Hence, on top of our unique customized design ideas is the slot ring – solving 2 of your concerns at 1 shot :) There are different design you can play with for the slot ring.

At the bottom shank of your slot rings, you can customize your own symbol, such as an infinity sign or even your own initials!

There you go guys! These are some ideas you can start customizeing your proposal ring.
Where it is a simple or intricate design, there are many ways you can customize your ring to suit your personality. What matters most is the thought and effort you put in to find the perfect proposal ring for your wife-to-be.
Don't worry if you don't know where to start. We will guide you on your ring customization journey!
You can also watch our ring unboxing videos here.

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-Written by Joy Barcelona

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Octagon 8 Hearts & Arrows Diamond

The Octagon diamond is one of the most brilliant diamond ever to be cut. Not only does it have its unique octagon shape with 8 sides, it has 88 facets and 8 Hearts & Arrows. It has more facets that the traditional 57 facets that round diamonds have, which gives it an extreme amount of scintillation. What makes this diamond even more breathtaking is it manages to retain the 8 Hearts & Arrows, resulting in larger and intense fire.

In this video, you'll see how the Octagon diamond performs in real life! Also, I'll be showing you the diamond outdoors under natural sunlight and under the shade. This is where you'll get to see the true beauty of the diamond and its amazing light performance.

What makes the Octagon diamond even more interesting is the way you set it. Depending on how you orientate the diamond, it will give your diamond a different look. You may choose to set your diamond at either of these styles to suit your personality.

By setting the prongs on the tips of the diamond, it will bring out the octagon shape of the diamond.

If you pefer a more squarish appearance, we can set the prongs on the flat corners of the diamond, which will give a boxy silhuotte.

For more information on how you can set your Octagon, click here.

- Written by Casey Lai

Monday, 5 September 2016

5 Special Places to Propose in Singapore

Engaging a Marriage proposal planner may be a hassle free alternative. But if you are someone who is determine to create your own dream proposal, here are some ideas that you can consider which you and your partner will remember for a lifetime!

1. Cottage in the Woods
Fancy proposing in a cottage? Situated in the leafy park, this Colonial Cottage brings a uniqueness to the atmosphere. The garden and its pavilion is an ideal place for you to pop the question. Do prepare her favorite love songs and get the host to play through the audio system for a romantic atmosphere. This cottage is owned by the host, who is very hospitable. Do remember to inform the cottage’s host the number of people who will be at your proposal so she will be able to prepare in advance to accommodate your friends or family members some food and beverages.

The cottage is ideal if you plan to invite some of your close friends for a surprise of after-celebration.
It has a perfect view of the garden and laidback chairs to for an intimate gathering.
Nominal Venue rental charges will apply for hosting any get together, event or party depending on the number of guests and number of hours.

Check in time: Anytime after 2pm
Checkout time : 12pm noon

Address: 3B Berkshire Road, Singapore 119886


2. Cable Car

For some of us who feels that proposing in a restaurant may be too cliché. I’ve got this idea which is out of the norm yet fall nothing short of romantic experience. Proposing to your partner while dining on a cable car!

With no one around you, except your partner, you can enjoy the absolute privacy with a 360 degree magnificent view.
You will board the cable car from the Mount Faber Cable Car station which the dining starts at 6pm. Be sure to arrive on time as it will be a first come first serve basis.
The Sky Dining Diamond Set starts at $218.00++ per couple and is available daily except on Public Holidays.

Menu includes,

A. Welcome Drink
Glass of Welcome Drink for Each Diner

B. Appetizer
- Chilled King Prawn Served with Mesclun, Salmon Roe and Mango Raspberry Dressing
- Warm Brew- Shellfish Consommé, with Seafood Wrapped with Long Cabbage

C. Main Course
Char Grilled Angus Beef Sirloin Mashed Potato, Mushroom Ragout and Thyme Jus
Almond Crusted Chilean Sea Bass Edamame Puree, Baby Vegetables, Haricot Beans & Carrot Basil Cream

D. Dessert
Cheese Mousse with Wild Berry Compote
Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea

*Inclusive a glass of House Wine for each diner
*Inclusive a Box of Chocolate per couple

Address: 109 Mount Faber Road, Faber Peak, Singapore 099203
Tel: +65 6377 9688

3. In a Mansion
Up atop the Telok Blangah hill, lies one of most romantic restaurants in Singapore, Alkaff Mansion Ristorante. At the entrance you’ll be greeted with European-style fountains, and a Colonial house built since 1918 which was painstakingly restored to its current glory.

For starters the Mansion is surrounded by greeneries with a 19 hectare park. A romantically roofed gazebo, one of the best part of this venue which I cannot stress enough for you to get on your knees and propose. The mansion consist of an outdoor terrace and a Grand Marquee at its courtyard.
The main attraction doesn’t end here because what’s a good place without good food, right? The chef serves up mouthwatering fine Italian gourmet. Feel free to check out their menu here.

If you prefer to propose at the dining table, there are 2 levels to the restaurant. Be sure while placing a reservation, do inform the staff which level you would like to dine.
Though not as secretive, I simply cannot give it a pass considering its rich history, and elegance.

Address: 10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore 109178
Tel: +65 6510 1010

4. Up on a Bridge

If you prefer a location without disturbance while proposing, do consider Henderson Waves Bridge. There may be passer-by or joggers but not to the extent that it may hinder your proposal. There is room to rest and observe the surroundings. With the bridge build to look like a wave, which is where it gets the name from, the location gives a very intimate and romantic vibe. It is also the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, at 36 metres above ground.

With the sky painting a silent symphony, this bridge adds a romantic melody to your proposal. Your JannPaul diamond ring will be the master piece of the evening. In the context of proposing, I assure you it will be a proposal you’ll remember forever.

5. The Projector
If you and your partner is a movie goer, be sure to bring her this movie place call The Projector.
Located along beach road, within Golden Mile Tower.

Back in the day the Golden Mile theatres used to show the latest movies. Overtime, it lost out to the newer cinemas. Nevertheless, it has been given a new lease of life with this hipster concept of viewing a film show.

It maybe something unusual to most, but I can assure you this venue is a very secretive place for a proposal to take place. A definite hipster hangout place.
If you want to make your proposal more private, you can consider to hire the venue and get a bunch of friends to help you with your own private screening… or should I say proposal? For More details on renting the venue, click here.

- Written by Eugene Seah