Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Julian's Ring Customization Process

We met Julian in July 2014, when he approached us to help him create his perfect diamond ring.

He sat through our education session, which includes the use of the HCA tool, Ideal scope, ASET scope and Hearts & Arrows scope. After, his eyes were set on a Super Ideal Cut 0.45 D VVS1 diamond.

In this post, we will be sharing his ring customization journey and how we came about crafting his perfect ring!

This is his story…….

Games of Thrones Theme

Julian’s perfect ring revolves around a few key points:

1) Infinity symbol
     - Symbolizes the eternal bond shared amongst the 2 of them
2) Twisted band setting
3) Moon of my life, Sun & Stars

Julian’s Sketch & Concept

One of the most challenging areas was to fit their initials into the infinity sign. The space is just too small to fit them in!

Version 1

We then created his first 3D render. This helped Julian to visualize how the actual ring design will look like. Using this as a baseline, we further discussed on additional features to customize.

Although we could not fit their initials under the underneath the diamond, we could craft them on the band’s shoulder. After a few modifications, this was his final render.

Final Version

Wax Model

Julian confirmed the design render with us and we proceeded to handcraft his ring. After a few weeks, his ring finally arrived.

Actual Ring

In total, 2 months of sketching, designing and crafting, Julian was finally able to lay his hands on the ring that he had envisioned to create for his fiancée.

Julian's Ring Tracking Video

Do stay tuned for more of our clients stories!! 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

How to remove a ring stuck on your finger

Hi guys, this will be my very first video. 

In this video,I am going to be showing you how to remove a ring stuck on your finger

I hope you find this video helpful. 

Thank you for watching!