Sunday, 12 April 2015

Megan’s Customized Pendant

Megan’s Customized Pendant

Sometimes, jewellery pieces can be more than simple accessories. They can be symbolic such as representing the eternal bond of marriage or even a memory of our loved ones.

We received a request to customize a pendant jewellery piece with a special meaning.
Megan previously purchased an engagement ring from us and approached us again to customize a pendant.

The pendant to be a memory for her late dog, Scramble.
In the design, she requested for,

-          27 diamonds, to represent the year which Scamble moved on.
-          “KK” logo, Scramble’s personal trademark.
-          A cylinder with a screw cap, to keep a part of Scramble.

Megan shared the story of Scramble with us. Megan adopted 2 dogs in 2010, Scramble and Skippy. Scramble, being the older dog was nicknamed “Kor Kor” and hence the symbol “KK”.

This is a photo of Scramble with he was adopted.

This is a photo of Scramble (Kor Kor) and Skippy.

Weak in nature since young, taking care of Scramble was a demanding process for Megan and her family both physically and financially.
Megan never gave up on Scramble though. She continued to do everything that she could to take care of him. Being able to see him grow day by day and to celebrate his birthdays yearly, was the motivational factor behind Megan’s each and every sacrifice.  
She even joked with us that with Scramble’s high medical bills, she had also called him “Kor Kor Chanel”.

Scrambles day out!

Out at the beach

Scramble’s last few weeks

Things took a change for the worst back in September 2014 when Scramble was struck with a brain infection. This left Scramble without the ability to function normally and required 24/7 supervision from Megan and her family to ensure his well-being.     
Though this was a tedious and demanding process, Megan and her family didn’t opt for the option to put Scramble down as physically he was not in any pain or distress.

After weeks of fighting, in September 22nd, a day after Megan’s 27th birthday, Scramble left the family in his sleep.

Learning about Scramble and the meaning behind the pendant, we were honoured to help Megan design this special pendant for her. Keeping the symbolic features and functions she wanted, we came up with the following design.

Megan’s Design

3D Renders

Wax Moulds

This was the final product.


It was a touching and rewarding experience for us to help Megan design and craft her pendant. Each of our jewellery pieces carries a special meaning behind it.
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