Thursday, 13 December 2018

Complete Beginners' Guide To Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

It can be overwhelming while shopping for the perfect engagement ring and wedding bands, especially when you are not so sure about your once in a lifetime purchase. You probably know that engagement rings are given during a marriage proposal whereas, wedding bands are worn after the marriage, but what if I tell you that getting an engagement ring usually comes hand in hand with wedding bands?

Since a long time ago, engagement rings are often worn to announce to the entire village that this lady is taken, in other words – engaged. During the marriage ceremony, the engagement ring will be removed to make way for the wedding band. This is due to the age-old belief that wedding bands solidify a strong bond of commitment for the couple and it should be worn closer to the heart. 

Engagement rings are also more commonly procured solely by the guy and after a successful proposal, when she said “YES”, that’s where the wedding bands comes into the picture! However, it all depends on your personal preference whether to choose your engagement rings as a couple or granting your other half a surprise proposal!

Getting an engagement ring together may ensure that you get your partner’s correct ring size and preferred design. But what if you are getting an engagement ring without her knowing? How can you get her ring size secretly? Well, there are many ways you can do so.

Do keep a lookout for design cues and hints she might be dropping in order to surprise her with a swoon worthy ring! Best to get some homework done now if you are planning to surprise her into saying yes!

To get you guys started, what are the main differences between an engagement ring and a wedding band?? 

1.     Engagement rings are usually flashier, categorized by a main stone at the top
Although not all engagement rings come in a single stone, it can come with multiple small stones as well, it all depends on your preference. But because of its extravagant nature, some women prefer to only wear it during special occasions where they are dressed to the nines. 

2.     Wedding bands are usually sold in a pair – for both women & men
As a rule, your wedding bands are simple and usually modest in nature compared to your engagement ring. This is because wedding bands are worn 24/7, day and night and you want them to be comfortable and not too much of a hassle for everyday wear.

Wedding bands also comes in four different colours, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and black gold. Although some ladies like to play it up a little by adding a small diamond on their wedding band, the men’s wedding band will generally be just a simple ring of a thicker bandwidth.

But that doesn’t mean that guys can’t go wild with their wedding bands! I’ve seen many crazy designs for men and you can definitely go for something more in your design. 

With all these in mind, how does an engagement ring and wedding bands go hand in hand?
I am sure you have seen people stacking their rings together, because stacking both rings together are constantly getting trendy, its best to consider how both rings will look like together. In other words, you don’t want to feel obliged to opt for the other hand if both rings don’t go well together. But can you wear both on separate hands then? I guess, it all depends on your preference!

If you are thinking of stacking your rings, read on! This is for you 😊
Before I go into the juicy bits, there are a few things to note!

1.     The band of the engagement ring is also known as the Setting
The most common Setting is either a 18k carat gold band or a platinum band. Both metals come in four different colours. You may opt for a white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or black gold finish. A platinum band is 1.6 times denser than the 18k carat gold band and hence, more skilled labour is required to craft a platinum ring. This results in a slightly pricier ring. However, both metals oxidise differently, so it’s best to check with your friendly diamond specialist 😊

2.     Colour, style and fit of engagement rings and wedding bands
Consider similar colours that go well together when purchasing both engagement rings and wedding bands if you prefer wearing them on the same finger. You want the rings to look beautifully coordinated and connect seamlessly. Some mis-matched rings where the style and fit are at odds could cause unwanted rubbing and discomfort. 

Moving on!

There are 3 common variations that the market offers, be sure to check them all out before settling on one!

The most common: getting your engagement rings and wedding bands separately but keeping in mind the various designs fit to ensure both rings go well together. It's nice to have both engagement rings and wedding band in a similar colour, but two different colours for instance, a white gold and a rose golf setting would create a nice contrast!

TIP: Side diamonds or no side diamonds?
Engagement rings can come with or without side diamonds, which is entirely up to your preference. However, some ladies prefer their wedding bands to come with small diamonds as well, where it could be an eternity or half eternity band. If you are someone that likes the extra bling, go for it!

If you like to keep it classic and simple, go for an engagement ring without side diamonds, which can essentially put your main diamond into the spotlight!

Custom perfect fit: There are custom made engagement rings and wedding bands that fit together perfectly and can be worn separately as well.

This variation has a slight twist to the usual design, yet the fit goes perfectly well because its more of a custom-made ring. If you guys are planning to opt for this variation, note that you will require a bit more thought for this! 

Slot-in rings: slot in rings are where both the engagement ring and wedding band are perfectly coordinated and designed to be worn together. This will save you guys the hassle of trying to coordinate the style and fit of your engagement ring and wedding bands!

If you want to go for a more personalised design, fret not! This is because slot-in rings still leave room for customization! You are able to fashion your own unique twist at the bottom shank of the ring to commemorate a certain special memory you have with your other half 😊

TIP: Be sure to get your ring size right for this variation, especially if you are planning a surprise! This is because you won’t be able to resize your wedding band – the band where you will be slotting in your engagement ring!

Also, for ladies with a smaller physique which accounts for delicate fingers, you might want to reconsider the slot-in ring because it is bulkier and might look too strapping for your small frame.

I hope this gives you a little heads up while choosing your engagement ring and wedding bands! As this article is rather lengthy, I have included a checklist of all the important points below! 😊 
  • How to get her ring size secretly?
  • Decide on the colour, fit and style
  • Determine whether the engagement ring/wedding band comes with side diamonds (Normally, 70% of ladies will opt for a wedding band with side diamonds)
  • Custom perfect fit or slot-in ring? Or neither?

- JannPaul