Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Solasfera Diamond

The secret to the Solasfera's brillaince lies in its facet structure and light performance. Unlike traditional designs, the Solasfera is cut with 91 facets and 10 Hearts & Arrows, maximizing its light return, fire and scintillation. 

The superior life and luster of a Solasfera diamond is immediately visible to the naked eye under all types of lighting. There are several scientific methods and tests that can help you understand why the Solasfera's light performance is above all. There is no other diamond like a Solasfera. 

During a side-by-side test, Solasfera has proven to outperform all other modifed rounds across every light performance tests available. 

Most diamond cutters, driven by profit objectives, cut a diamond to maximize its weight at the expense of ideal proportions, damaging the diamond’s light performance and beauty. Unlike others in the industry, Solasfera diamonds are always cut to maximize beauty, not size.

Generically cut diamonds tend to have light leakages. Solasferas are capable of grabbing hold of the light surrounding them and returning it to the eyes of the beholder. It manages to disperse light thoughout, allowing a wide dispersion of rainbow flashes.

Under the Ideal Scope, it shows that the Solasfera acheives a full light return (full red). This gives the diamond a magnificent brightness, where light paths that are going into the diamond are being reflected back out towards your eyes. Hence, the Solasfera can appear ''whiter'' compared to another diamond with the same color grade due to its extrodinary brightness.

The Solasfera has exacting symmetry where each diamond is crafted with unparalleled precision. This can be seen under the Hearts & Arrows scope to analyze its 10 symmetrical Hearts & Arrows.

Being over the top in it's light performance, each and every Solasfera comes with a Gemex Light Performance Report. The Gemex is an independent lab that measures the Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle of a diamond. The Solasfera manages to acheive the highest possible grade possible. No other cut has been able to do so.

Scientifically proven, Solasferas has the ability to outshine all other round cuts in the market. It is available from 0.3ct onwards and we have assorted sizes for Solasfera melees that can be set on wedding bands. Each Solasfera diamond comes with a GIA or AGS report, Gemex report and scope images analysis (Actual, Ideal, ASET and Hearts & Arrows Scopes).

Visit us to experience the Solasfera brilliance yourself and set light free!


- Written by Casey Lai