Thursday, 28 July 2016

She said yes! . .but the ring is quite loose man

Making the actual purchase is the first step in buying a proposal ring, not the last. After which comes the questions about 'after-sales services'.

One of the many considerations of meticulous buyers nowadays, is how to go about guesstimating the ring size and still be able to resize the ring without further hustle. In JannPaul, we offer 2 times free resizing into bigger or smaller ring size for 18k gold and 1 time for platinum. Furthermore, we would prefer to have your ring re-crafted when the size difference is too big, as altering the original ring would make the band go oval shape.

What's more amazing is that, as white, rose, or yellow gold oxidizes as part of the wear-and-tear process of the band, we offer 2 times free re-polishing and re-plating for gold and 1 time for platinum, which would turn your scratched or oxidized band back to its original glory!

Also, we thought of one of the many little things most ladies appreciate. What do you think of engraving a personal message inside your band, say your special date or maybe your initials? We offer 1 free laser engraving in either standard or cursive font. 

However,  I would recommend that you do it after your proposal for her to try the ring for a couple of days. This is to ensure that the ring size is suitable as further re-sizing of the ring will polish off your engraving.

All this, you can do any time after you made your purchase, no due dates, no deadlines…
Polishing and resizing would typically take 3-4 weeks (still depending on how big the ring size difference is) while engraving can be done in about 2 week time.

In addition, we would recommend for you to visit us at least once a year for us to do a quick prong check of your ring. This is to ensure the security of your diamond. In case that we need to tighten up the claws, we’ll do it free of charge as well.

Please do visit us for the full diamond consultation session, to answer all your inquiries for the biggest event of your life.

To schedule an appointment, you may email us at or call our office at +65 6733 2925.

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- written by Joy Barcelona