Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Why the Cushion Brellia Appears Whiter Compared to other Conventional Cushion Cuts

The Cushion Brellia is the World's first Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamond. 
Generally, fancy shape diamonds such as the cushion, square, pear, etc. do not have Hearts & Arrows patterning. As a result, it tends to have a lack of contrast (fire) and light return (brightness), giving it a 'crushed ice' look. This is why, if you've ever compared a fancy shape to a round diamond, the round diamond, you'll notice that the round diamond would always appear much more brilliant and firey. Hence, for fancy shape diamonds, most people would have to sacrifice on its brilliance for its shape.

Now this is where the Cushion Brellia comes in! The Cushion Brellia is cut with Hearts & Arrows and to the maximum light performance. What this means, is that not only can do you get a fancy shape (cushion) diamond, it would be as brilliant or firey as a Super Ideal Cut round!

For a more detailed illustration, below is the ASET scope image of the Cushion Brellia. It shows a good balance of blue (contrast / fire) and red (light return / brightness) areas. It also has minimum white (light leakages) and green (weak light return) areas. Overall, this would give the diamond a much brighter and firey appearance.

Below is the ASET of a typical Cushion cut diamond. First thing you'll notice is how much white (light leakages) and green (weak light return) areas, the diamond has. This would result in the diamond looking duller and darker, where there will be a lack of brightness as light is literally passing through the diamond. In addition, notice there hardly any blue (contrast)? This means that it will have very little or no fire.

Here is a video, where I compared a Cushion Brellia and normal Cushion cut diamond of the same Color grade (G). Watch how they perform against each other and how much brighter (or whiter) the Brellia appears even though they are the same color grade!

- Written by Casey Lai