Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Creating a Collection: Brellia Band Part 1

I'm going to start off my first post with a preview of a new collection I have been working on.

Just a heads up, these new collections will be available once our website is up and ready. All this will also follow with a facelift of JANNPAUL. I promise all this will be out soon!

Lets take a look at this ring i'm working on, it's still WORK-IN-PROGRESS
This is a black and white collection that i've been on about for awhile, the combination of rose and white has that angelic royalty aura to it.
Black and white for the men, of course.

A White ceramic ring, approximately 6-8 mm wide, with Mini Brellias at the edge surrounded by rose gold.
The 2 holes that you see will allow the ring to turn into a necklace when you swing a chain through the holes.

Check it out:

This is really cool, because from the side view you can actually see from top table to the bottom culet of the diamond. And when you wear it as a ring, you see that wonderful face up Cushion Brellia's. Currently i'm considering if it should be a symmetrical or asymmetrical design, as you can see the diamonds are only on the edge of the band.

The biggest problems I face with these kind of "cool" designs is that it's almost impossible to resize, which means if you put on or lose alot of weight, you may have to remake the entire ring. This is the tradeoff for designs like this.