Friday, 29 June 2012


So supposed that when you're buying a diamond, the main thing to look out for would definitely be it's cut grade. When a diamond's cut grade is poor, light leakage could occur, and it's fire dispersion/scintillation would hence be jeopardized. Relating it back to a human, I guess it would be equivalent to a single individual, "A lonely soul". I believe every one of us would have such phase in life whereby you'd feel empty inside, almost like a void, it can never be filled up unless there's this magical feeling that God has created, "Love".

( Screen shots  from my videos )

"Love" would be like a diamond's ultimate cut grade, filling up the hollowness/void/emptiness of the light leakage portions in a diamond with sparkles (fire dispersion).
Making your diamond lively, lovable, charming/enchanting.
Situation would pretty much be the same as one who is in love :)

 (Screen shots from my video)

So yes, a diamond's cut grade would be the most important aspect.
And of cause when one is purchasing a diamond, it has to be the brilliance and sparkle that one would look out for, and the sole main factor that determines or affects the sparkles/brilliance of a diamond would definitely be it’s CUT Grade.

Happy purchasing, fall in love, and I hope you guys have had a good read :)

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