Thursday, 21 July 2016

Falling. . . . in love!

Skydiving also known as parachuting is performed as a recreational activity. It is widely considered as an extreme sport due to the risk involved during the free-fall while parachute isn’t deployed yet. But how would you feel about the idea of professing your love after such a heart stopping free-fall?

Being in a 3 year relationship, Jazpar felt that it’s about time to tie the knot with his partner, Yen Ching. And though they’re not probably a perfect fit couple and don’t have a lot of common interest and stuff, as the young guy describes, somehow he felt that all gelled up together well.

To officially ask Yen’s hand, Jazpar did his due diligence in finding the perfect diamond ring and through social media and friend recommendation, he got to know about JannPaul.
Without any prior knowledge when it comes to diamond rings, he made an appointment with us only having a Carat preference and a proposal date in mind.

When asked what are his considerations to come up with the setting and diamond, he answered.. “First is the budget, then it’s the recommendation from you! =)”

In the end, he decided to go for a nice twirling design with side diamonds that gives the ring a soft flowing effect which compliments Yen’s endearing character. It holds in a dainty Super Ideal Cut diamond that suits Yen’s ring size perfectly.

To realize the plan, Jazpar had coordinated with the staffs of the sky diving company months before there scheduled holiday. And a day after Christmas was the long awaited moment for the young man.

Getting nervous but still trying to keep his composure, Jazpar dived first and prepared real fast before his sweet angel descends 😍 ..

 “Although there were periods of ups and downs, I'm glad you're always there by my side. I may not be the most romantic person you may know but I hope to be the one to give you happiness for the rest of your life… Will you marry me?”

Jazpar being asked to describe his experience in 2 words would simply say, it’s ‘nerve wrecking’ - whether it’s the dive or the proposal, only he knows!  😉

Congratulations Yen Ching and Kok Yong Jazpar!

- written by Joy