Friday, 15 July 2016

One of the boys

Don’t get me wrong I don’t swing that way J

Team JannPaul lead by Jann, Paul and Casey along with some guys (Jerome, Vince, Sam, etc…) became the top consultants of gents or couples seeking for their engagement rings. Why then be assisted by a girl? Isn’t JannPaul a team of guys?

Hi! I’m Joy, one of the ladies of  JannPaul. I started as an Admin Staff, sourcing diamonds, liaising with suppliers and at the same time studying all about diamonds. During then I was a total newbie and like most ladies I am the ‘I just want it big and sparkly’ type. So yeah! I can relate to most of you guys! But wait until you undergo the full diamond education session, you’ll then realize that there’s more than just the Carat.

In JannPaul, not only will you be able to learn what to look out for in a diamond, moreover, you can get your rings customized up to the very little detail that most of us, girls really appreciate. And while most guys say that we, girls, are fickle minded and hard to understand, we are actually soft hearted and easy to please. We are very unique, so we deserve something more special than just the conventional ring.

In my blog, I will try to help you understand better your lady’s preferences, share some tips on how to get the perfect diamond ring that your girlfriend would surely love and also ways to surprise them. As they say, the beauty of JannPaul Signature Cut lies not just in its exquisite aesthetics but in the way it makes you feel - beautiful, special and loved.

Wanna surprise your lady? Then let’s get started… See yah!

To schedule an appointment, you may email us at or call our office at +65 6733 2925.

- written by Joy