Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Customized Halo Ring with Initials

In a proposal, the diamond ring is of a significant importance. In fact, this tradition of proposing originated from the Roman era, where the wife would wear rings with small keys attached to it, indicating their husband ownership. Each ring has its own story to tell, as it signifies the commitment of 2 individuals. It personifies a man's affection for his partner.

In modern times, this tradition still goes on with wide range of creativity on the ring design.
In this post, I shall touch on a particular ring created by my client which is special to him and close to his partner's heart.

After deciding on a halo setting with side diamonds, we added the initials ''S'' and ''N'' on the ring. This was done under the diamond on the sides, where both initials was designed and fused together. Also, a heart shape with a melee diamond in the middle was placed in the middle to signfity their eternal love for each other, making this ring one of a kind.

Below is the 3d render that we came up with,

After the 3D render, we proceeded to handcraft his ring, which took about 6-8 weeks. Each of our rings are individually handcrafted by our Master Crafter, showcasing the intricate designs.
Below are some photos of the crafted ring.


This is a photo of his ring after he successful proposal!

Photo credit to Nathaniel Yeo
- Written by Eugene Seah