Thursday, 22 September 2016

Cushion Brellia VS Octagon Hearts & Arrow Diamond

Deciding between the Cushion Brellia and Octagon Hearts & Arrows diamond? This comparison video will be perfect for you!

The Cushion Brellia is the World's first Cushion Heart & Arrows diamond. It's the highest light perfoming Cushion diamond thanks to its strong light return under the Ideal & ASET scopes. It has 57 facets with 8 Hearts & Arrows, similar to the Super Ideal Cut, but in a cushion shape. It's a popular cut for those looking for a soft squarish shape diamond, which goes very well in any jewellry design.

For more information about the Cushion Brellia, click here.

The Octagon has an outstanding light performance. It has 88 facets with 8 Hearts & Arrows. These extra facets gives it a mesmerizing scintillation. It is designed to have intense light return and have an unparralled brilliance. Once makes this diamond even more unique is its Octagon shape, with 88 facets, 8 sides, 8 hearts and 8 arrows.

For more information about the Octagon Hearts & Arrows, click here.

- Written by Casey Lai