Sunday, 4 December 2016

Ivy and Aaron's Engagement Ring Story

“Hi Joy! Just wanted to share this with you. It's been a while but I still love the ring so so much. If only this is something that I can purchase once every few months. Haha! We really appreciate your help in the whole ring-searching journey and hopefully I get to go back to JP and pick yet another ring soon 😊” - Ivy 

These are the lines that made me smile after a hectic day at work.

It’s been a year since I met Ivy and Aaron while they’re on their diamond search. 
The problem, same as most of the ladies, is when we see diamonds and designs: we just love them all, don’t we? This made the whole process a tad bit harder to finalize as we want the best of everything for the ring that we’ll be wearing lifetime. 

Ivy and Aaron’s journey was no different, they were torn between which JannPaul Signature Cut to go for and what design suited Ivy best. 

One year down the road, Ivy decided to write her experience in the Dayre app. In her own words.. 
“Here’s a post dedicated to my engagement ring + wedding bands before I forget about our journey to choosing the one!”

Let’s start with the diamond, after visiting different shops, Ivy have shortlisted 2 cuts - both of which are from JannPaul, one was a Super Ideal Cut, the other an Octagon Hearts & Arrows. If it’s only Ivy, I know for sure, Octagon is the one she really likes. But aside from the cut, she was also considering their budget versus the carat that she can get. After much discussion, they decided on the Super Ideal Cut diamond.

Diamond Settled! 😉

If you think that’s all, you got it wrong! The next part is even trickier! What design to go for? Should they get 4 or 6 prongs? Classic or side diamonds? Would a twisted band, crisscross or normal band suite her hand better? Should they go for white, rose, yellow gold or platinum? 

After 4 appointments, Ivy and Aaron shortlisted a few designs. By a few, I meant 3-5 designs. What? We’re ladies! And this is our diamond ring! It’s just so tough to choose one.  

What convinced Ivy was actually my revelation. On all those 4 appointments, I have always kept track of what designs Ivy liked, from the very elaborate split shank halo setting to the very classy tapered band.

On all 4 occasion, there’s this one ring design which always caught Ivy’s attention every single time without a miss. 

  I guess, if you really like something, you may not know it, but somewhere along the way,   you’ll still find yourself going back to the same thing.

A year after the successful proposal, it’s good to reminisce the experience and hear that they are still pleased with their final selection..

Congratulations again Mr. & Mrs. Loke! 

For the full blog of Ivy and Aaron’s journey, you can visit Ivy’s post in the link below..

Written by: Joy Barcelona