Friday, 9 December 2016

What JannPaul Signature Cut Diamonds say about you?

Are you one of the lucky ladies who have a JP Signature Cut Diamond? Or are you one of the confused guys who don’t know which among the Signature series to go for?

Either way, do you believe that the type of diamond you chose could actually tell something about your girlfriend’s personality?

In my experience in the diamond industry, I’ve already encountered a lot of clients who came in alone, with friends, family or as a couple. And because of those circumstances, I became more conscious to some indication on what cut suits what character. If you’re still on your diamond ring search, you can use this as a guide in choosing the best diamond that complements your girlfriend’s personality. Continue reading and let me know if you agree. 😉

Super Ideal Cut: Simple but Elegant Woman

Classic round shape diamond has been very popular due to its simplicity, brilliance & timeless beauty.

Lady who prefers this diamond is said to be versatile. She’s a bit conservative and is a believer of traditional romance yet modern in her own ways. A woman who likes this cut is said to be very sophisticated and graceful.

Solasfera: Glamorous Bride

Solasfera, despite being round shape diamond, hold its own 
individuality to it.

A lady attracted to this shape is glamorous, confident, and adventerous. She has a very good sense of what she wants and what her goals in life are; but still knows how to have fun and is not afraid to show it.

Wearers of this like it due to the quiet elegance and regal feel it holds.

Brellia:  Fashionable and romantic Lady

Cushion Brellia is the choice of brides who are looking for a cushion cut diamond with a vintage appeal, but with a modern twist to it. So if you consider yourself to be stylish and lively, this shape is for you! 
This suits ladies who are contemporary and at the same time equally romantic and passionate to everything she does.  She will act as a leader and is very detail oriented.

 Octagon: Modern Chic

If you’re fashionable, modern and self-assured woman, Octagon would suit you best. This cut compliments woman who always stands out in a crowd and who will never back away from the spotlight.

It’s for women who love to be trendsetter, who’s creative, bold and innovative. They like how this shape makes them unique.

They’re said to be strong willed yet the sweetest lady you can come across. 

So which are you among these shapes???? 
Only you can tell!

Whether you're a simple but elegant, glamorous, strong willed or fashionable and romantic girl, one thing is for sure, you deserve no less than the JannPaul Signature Cut!

Do let me know guys, if the one you bought or you have matches your girls character.

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written by: Joy Barcelona

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