Thursday, 4 August 2016

Ring designs with a twist of inspriation!

Thinking of adding a twist design to your ring? Check out some of these ring designs to inspire you! Our ring customizations comes with 3D renders, where we will create your ring design proportional to your main diamond size and ring finger. We can even render out a hand model to be the same size as yours to help you visualize how your ring design will look on your hand!

When most people thing of twist design rings, they think of a simple curved band with a twist, and that's all to it. However, there are many variations of twist designs out there and there are ways you can customize it to your personality! 

Below are some twist design 3D renders for you to explore.

This is a double band twist design, where each band has a rope twist effect. 
It gives an organic and lacy feel to the ring, and have lots of fine detailing. Girls that love whimsical designs will fall in love with this at first sight! 

 A variation of the earlier ring, with some melee diamonds on one of the band. This gives an extra bling to your ring and will be a head turner. There are many ways to spice up your ring design by adding melee diamonds on certain areas. Another option is to add diamonds on tray of the prong head.

Want something cleaner? This is a gorguous wavy twist design that will bring out your diamond! 
It has a smooth cross over near the upper mid-section of the band. The melee diamonds are set in a channel style to give the ring a cleaner look. Overall, the band creates an infinity symbol ∞, adding more meaning to your ring.

This is definitely one of my favourites! It has assyemtrical curves on the band, which looks like sea waves! I love the intricate detailing on this and it showcases our fine workmanship vey well. If you notice, even the prongs that is holding the main diamond has the wave effect. The diamond is set on a cathedral setting, where there are 2 triangle arches giving the appearance that the diamond sits higher.
There was alot of thought and love that was put into designing this ring :)

Want both bands with side diamonds? No problem! We are able to customize a double band twist with channel set diamonds. This is slightly different from regular twist designs as the band curves at the end towards the diamond. This gives a lacy bow effect and from the top view, it creates a beutiful silhoutte of your ring. 

This ring design has a victorian flair to it. The band looks knotted by strategically placing a bezel melee diamond on each of the cross over section. If you want to bring it out even more, we can have the circumference of the bezel done in rose gold! On the side profile, you'll find another melee diamond (tubeto) under the main diamond. Add more personality to this by changing it to a gemstone or bithstone of your choice.

Fancy a bigger ring with larger proportions? This might be the one for you. There are many intertwined twists that gradually moves up towards your main diamond. Although this ring has a broader width, the smooth and elegantly twisted bands gives the ring a soft and feminine feel. You may customize this ring further by changing the prong tips to heart shapes!

A double band rope twist ring that tapers from thin to thick towards the main diamond. This gradual accentuating effect will draw everyone's attention to your main diamond and will highlight your diamond's size. A perfect design for every day wearing and to glamourous events! 

So there you go guys! These are just some of the many ways you can design your own twist ring. There are still many variations avaiable that we are happy to share with you. Don't be afraid to customize your ring and adding your own personality to it. It's much easier than you think! During our diamond and ring design education session, we will guide you along the way :)

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- Written by Casey Lai