Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Proposal of Jermyn & Sichyi

Congratulations to Jermyn and Sichyi! Like most other guys looking for a diamond ring, Jermyn schedule an appointment with us not knowing what to expect. He got to know about us through his friends recommendations and I got the opportunity to assist him.

So the diamond education went on as how it should be and at the end of the session, he decided on the Super Ideal Cut diamond to be set in an 18k white gold twist band design with side diamonds (which he already had in mind before the appointment).

After some chit chatting and stuff, this was where he shared with me his plan to propose next year and how early his prepping up. He mentioned that he was looking to propose sometime NEXT YEAR! No harm getting it EARLIER right? haha!

Fast forward 2 months, the engagement ring was ready for collection so he dropped by and collected it.

The End?








Half a year passed….. Jermyn dropped by with a friend whose looking for a diamond ring. That was when I asked him about his “proposal”, thinking that he might have done it during the 2015 - 2016 countdown. He replied,“nope, I have a plan…”. Like any other guys, he wanted to make it simple yet memorable and unique, something that she will remember for life. So this what how he proprosed.....

On D-day, Jermyn & his friend dropped by again but this time round with Jermyn’s love, Sichyi. The plan was to use his friend as a distraction so that she won’t be suspicious of what is going to happen next… After their visit, they headed to their friend's clother store where he prepped out the proposal.

And so yes! IT WAS A SUCCESS! Jermyn messaged me right after to let me know about it and he sent me a photo (where the ring size was way to big :D)

At least it went in yo! ;-)

So they came back to the store to resize their ring and the first thing Sichyi said to me was, “You good! You lie to me~” hahahha! It was all worth it though.

It’s moments like this that gives me a sense of satisfaction in my work. Being able to be part of someone’s proposal journey is indeed fulfilling.

A proposal doesn’t have to be elaborate, nor does one have to spend alot. It’s always the thought and effort that count. Something that she will cherish for a lifetime.

- Written by Jerome Aw