Friday, 12 August 2016

She Deserves One!

Here at the shop it's a daily routine to meet guys looking for diamond rings and seeking to get some advice on customization. One Friday afternoon in January was no different.

That afternoon, having some available slots, we accepted a walk in client looking for a diamond ring and as usual routine, I have done the full 1hr+ diamond education session.

That was where I had the opportunity to assist Sebastien, who had his eyes on a Super Ideal Cut. He wanted to customize his ring's band design to resemble a flower with 2 small butterfly-like designs that are studded with smaller melee diamonds. He shared with me how Rita loved nature so much, hence, he want to give her a flower-like design. 

After everything was settled comes the bigger question..

Me: "When would you need the ring by? Are you looking to propose at any specific date?"

And an unexpected answer was heard..

Sebastien: “No it's actually not for proposal, I'm married for 8 years”

Me: “Oh! So it’s for anniversary is it?”

Sebastien: “Nope.”

Me: “Oh maybe her birthday?”

Sebastien: “Not really."

Feeling confused, I asked again...

Me: “So what's the occasion?”

Sebastien: “No occasion. Just that i havent given her a diamond ring before....
                        And she deserves one...”

And my heart melts...

(Oh well im a girl! Eye roll there. LoL)

It's easy to fall in love, the challenge is to make her fall in love with you all over again every single day.

Salute to all the husbands who go extra mile to surprise their wives even after years of being together. Who said that diamonds should only come before the wedding? Every lady deserves one!

Thanks for choosing JannPaul! 
I wish you guys lots of love, joy and happiness to the many years to come! :)

     Sebastien & Rita

-written by Joy Barcelona